Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Sound of Fear Volume 1 & 2

I love this time of year! The air is crisp, the sunsets are inspiring and the veil between life and death is stretched thin. It's harvest time! To celebrate, I've assembled two volumes of horror soundtrack music recorded exclusively from vintage vinyl and available for a limited time only at Mississippi Records in beautiful Portland City, Oregon. Each cassette contains 60 minutes of pulse-pounding, blood-curdling terror...THE SOUND OF FEAR! Cheaper than razor blades and sweeter than candy apples. Your ears will piss their pants!

Mississippi Records
4007 N. Mississippi Ave.
Portland, Oregon


Ryan S. said...

looks awesome!

Mike Smith said...

god DAMNIT. Do those dudes do mail orders or do they handle business in-store only?

I got a chance to check the place out around the middle of September when I was passing through Oregon. That neighborhood rules. Some dude was selling catfish sandwiches outta the back of a truck. righteous. Anyway, I asked if any more Satan Is Real tapes were kicking around and they said it was sold out but that a repress was gonna happen soon. any news on that?

Jorge A. Trejos I. said...

How can u buy that???? if i live in south america????????

syn-fi said...