Monday, December 02, 2019


WYRD WAR concludes our 2019 autumn soundtrack concert series with a very special screening of Lucio Fulci’s gory supernatural masterpiece THE BEYOND (1981), featuring live score and post-film concert by celebrated Italian composer FABIO FRIZZI! Tickets on sale HERE! Catriona MacColl is Liza Merril, a young New Yorker who suddenly inherits a mysterious hotel in a remote Louisiana bayou. A series of inexplicable accidents begin to occur after her arrival as Liza is drawn into a malefic labyrinth of terror, assisted by a blind entity who admonishes that her inheritance has been built over one of the Seven Gates of Hell! Hailed as the quintessential Fulci film, THE BEYOND boasts a fragmented narrative that is propelled toward its haunting conclusion by unhinged nightmare logic, macabre atmospheres, stylish New Orleans locations, unflinching depictions of graphic violence and, of course, the iconic music of Fabio Frizzi! Longtime Fulci cinematographer Sergio Salvati is at his gleeful best, zooming and lurking over every bizarre atrocity in this phantasmagorical epic of Italian horror cinema. Find out why Lucio Fulci once infamously remarked, “Violence is Italian art!”