Sunday, April 16, 2017


Plays with Danny Torrance once.

I am delighted to announce that I have been summoned to DJ The Overlook Film Festival afterparty on Friday April 28th at the breathtaking Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. This is the first ever fully interactive genre film festival to take place at the beautiful outdoor location of Stanley Kubrick's supernatural masterpiece The Shining, and you can bet I will deliver a black magic horror ritual of vintage vinyl madness to shake asses and bang heads. The days of boring film festivals have been...corrected. Hail Horror Hail.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017


Since I launched Wyrd War three years ago I haven't had much time to draw, and that's been just fine with me because crawling out of the basement has allowed me the freedom to expand my reach into incredible cinematic events, concerts that have raised the bar for what can be expected of live music and the accomplishment of myriad projects that have been swirling around in my brain for many years. Nonetheless, when my good friend Chris Reifert calls to inform me that Autopsy needs a shirt design to commemorate their 30th anniversary, I can be coerced back into the dungeon. Time to call in sick, get scribbling and post a new installment of Gross Anatomy! This little disaster was torn from the womb in one night and shipped to Scotland quicker than you can sing My Corpse Shall Rise Again. Don't believe me? Take a look...

"In the cemetery now you have arrived / To finally see my flesh from which you stole the life / Though you never were discovered, you're still free / I've got a curse on you, I've haunted all your dreams..."

"You can't believe I'm gone / You must be sure, it must be real / Panic stricken, to the grave / The truth must be revealed..."

"With shaking hands and sickening thoughts / You find my resting place / With pounding heart and bloodshot eyes / The shovel desecrates / The time has come to face reality / And visit death / To see my corpse and stop the dreams..."

"At your feet, uncovered is the box / You're almost paralyzed with fear / Feel the bile creep up your throat / Lift the lid and know I'm here / I lie here rotting / Maggots burrowing / Feeding, swarming / You can't hold back the nausea / Help won't find you..."

"Stomach twisting, violent retching, defiled by vomit / Now my vengeful corpse begins to rise / I've been waiting here for you / Now it's time to see you die!!!!"

With my part of the conjuration now complete, Chris Reifert set his sights on designing the back of the shirt. I am proud to say, my latest Wyrd War release, Until We Rock: The Early Recordings of Black Death, was the inspired soundtrack for the night! 

Next, the artwork is delivered to Adam Rooster Grim over at Nightgaunt Graphics, who laid it down in white without an underbase to give it the soft greyish hue of a moldering grave! And within mere hours...

Live pics courtesy of Ron Falcon.

Autopsy destroys Glasgow, Scotland at Lords of the Land festival, where the shirt is introduced to the world on Saturday April 1, 2017.

For me, the most rewarding moment of this whirlwind project is receiving this text message from the merch table in Scotland, and knowing that the rabid kilt-wearing Autopsy fans are duly pleased! Next up: Maryland Death Fest (Baltimore), Hellfest (France) and Party San (Germany). Grab one if you can because this is a limited edition design for this year's gigs only, and very soon it slithers back into its festering tomb forever...

This is AUTOPSY! They play DEATH METAL!!!!