Thursday, January 17, 2019


The One Motorcycle Show is the wildest motorcycle party in town and this year WYRD WAR kicks off the greasy festivities with a full-throttle evening of biker cinema sure to satisfy earnest speed enthusiasts and beer guzzlin’ cinephiles alike. Welcome to WYRD WAR ON WHEELS, baby! This high-octane triple movie marathon juxtaposes authentic contemporary motorcycle culture with the premier North American screening of British director Gareth Maxwell Roberts’ 2019 documentary OIL IN THE BLOOD and hilariously belligerent genre tropes with two feature length grindhouse biker classics! Make the scene for a raucous trifecta of roaring engines and snarling counterculture revolution, mother! OIL IN THE BLOOD starts at 6pm, followed by an onstage Q&A with director Gareth Roberts moderated by your ever faithful host, Dennis Dread. After the documentary, things will get wyrd with two back-to-back repertory biker flick surprises at 8:30 and 10pm! “Hey, we all know how we’re gonna die, baby. We’re gonna crash and burn!”