Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Tonight I once again lurked around the haunted copy machines in wild eyed anticipation of these two very special events coming to Portland in March! First up is DANAVA's record release party celebrating the vinyl rebirth of their acclaimed but rarely heard 2004 demo recordings on UNSEEN FORCES.  Trust me, this four song masterpiece of space skulduggery will blow your mind AND your speakers!  OCCULTATION and BORROWED TIME will bring their own burnt offerings to the proceedings and of course I will be delivering the sonic sermon all night long.  And best of all?  It's FREE!  SATURDAY ~ MARCH 23 ~ DANTE'S  

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.  The following day, come on down to THE LOVECRAFT and nurse your hangover in the dark embrace of Portland's inner sanctum while OCCULTATION and BORROWED TIME swallow your soul...again.  Come!  Come! Come to the Sabbat!  SUNDAY ~ MARCH 24 ~ THE LOVECRAFT