Saturday, November 24, 2007


That's right kids, it's time for another CONTEST!

This Tuesday November 27th ENGORGED is playing Portland's Roseland Theater with Municipal Waste & Suicidal Tendencies! I will personally present a free ENGORGED t-shirt to the first person to successfully stage dive during the ENGORGED set. By "successfully" I mean:

1. You make it from the crowd of rabid thrashers onto the stage.
2. You jump far enought off said stage that your body clears the security barrier and lands in the crowd.
3. You live to collect your shirt.

* Please note that the Roseland Theater security will very likely eject you from the venue if they catch you attempting to stage dive. That's not my problem. You will probably hurt yourself and others performing this stunt. That's not my problem either. Also please note that, "If it ain't insane, then you can't get rad!" Good luck.