Thursday, February 27, 2014


Check out this great Drew Elliott painting circa 1987 that reader Richard Parr was gracious enough to share with me today! This would've been created around the same time Drew did his painting for Necrophagia's debut LP Season of the Dead. Here's that cover in both its original format and the digitally "enhanced" version that accompanied the 1998 Red Stream CD reissue.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Outlaw Archer

If you're at all like me (thank your therapist that you're not), you love the few people who matter in your life everyday of the year. So a dumb holiday like Valentine's Day becomes cloyingly sentimental at best...crushingly depressing at worst. If you need something real to celebrate today, why not bang your head for the triumph of STREET METAL? 33 years ago today, New York's Frigid Bich recorded their debut single 'Call Us Robin Hoods' at Master Sounds Studios. They were 16 years old. Suck it, cupid!

And this one goes out to my own lil teenage rebel who has been my Valentine for nearly 17 years (insert winking heart emoticon here). What? You think I'm a loveless cynic like you???

"Rock 'n' roll and alcohooool! Let's have a blast, let's have a ball!"