Thursday, October 29, 2020


These past five Wednesdays have surely been the most inspired moments of 2020 for us at Wyrd War. My American Folk Horror film and lecture series culminated this week with a live remote Q&A with Dr. Sam Waymon himself. Perhaps you know his sister by her stage name Nina Simone? This was an exceptionally special moment for me, and I thank our intimate cabal of friends and supporters who masked up and bore witness to the dark magic that is GANJA & HESS. Pandemic be damned! Eternal gratitude to Sam Waymon for staying up late with us, everyone at The Coffin Club, and, as always, my beloved A.K. Wilson for documenting the occasion with these beautiful pics. Let the chthonic spirits possess your soul!

Monday, October 12, 2020


I woke this morning to the terrible news that Timo Ketola has succumbed to leukemia. If you have ever visited my Wyrd War gallery, you have very likely heard me describe Timo as one of the greatest living artists working within an occult framework. If you joined us for our one year anniversary exhibit this past July, you had the rare and sublime pleasure of experiencing a selection of Timo’s incredible work from my personal collection. The world is an entirely less enchanted place without Timo Ketola’s nimble hands feverishly scribbling away on any surface available. It was some small comfort that I received the word from a very dear and trusted friend from afar, rather than the usual internet channels. As we reminded each other this morning, we always believe we have time...until we do not. Seize the night! Re-enchant! Re-enchant! Re-enchant your world before it is too late! Perhaps that is the meaning of Timo’s premature and heartbreakingly unexpected departure from this perishable realm of flesh, blood and bone. R.I.P. Fuck The World. HAIL TIMO KETOLA! 

Tuesday, October 06, 2020


THANK YOU to everyone who masked-up for our annual invocation of FRIGHT GALLERY! That is how you physically distance and still have a blast! The Wyrd War gallery is now 100% disinfected and ready for appointments. Drop us a line at to arrange a visit. The current exhibition of extremely rare horror movie posters and video store promotional ephemera is on display through November 1, 2020. Special thanks to A.K. Wilson for being extra amazing (and taking most of these pics) and Ghost for his total support as always. We remember Halloween...  

Monday, October 05, 2020



Hail to the brave souls who sacrificed their asses and joined the Wyrd War cult at The Coffin Club for the first installment of our five week lecture and film series American Folks Horror! Those seats are cruel stony altars, but we held our ground and explored the unhallowed roots of British folk horror and the great American diaspora. This Wednesday we return with part two, American Nightmare: Colonialism and Chthonic Forces