Sunday, April 22, 2007


I'm hitting the road for 5 dates of the Antichrist Vanguards East Coast Tour in May! This leg of the tour consists of WATAIN, NACHTMYSTIUM & ANGELCORPSE. I'll be at the following shows so look for me at the Ajna Offensive merch table. Buy me drinks...

5/10 ~ Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle (w/ CIANIDE & KOMMANDANT!)
5/11 ~ Cleveland, OH - Peabody’s (w/ CELTIC FROST!)
5/12 ~ Philadelphia, PA - The Northstar
5/13 ~ Cambridge, MA - Middle East
5/14 ~ New York, NY - BB King’s

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


A magazine called KA-WHUMP! "News and Reviews From the Underground Press" arrived in the mail this morning. There was no letter enclosed and I wasn't sure why I had received this unexpected gift until I flipped through and found a review of Destroying Angels #5. This particular issue of Destroying Angels is several years old but I purposefully design my zine to have a long shelf life and the reviewer really seems to get what it's all about. The underground needs more of this kind of comraderie and support. Here's the review written by editor Robert Sumner:

"Remember back in the 80's when Heavy Metal gave way to Death Metal and the stoners in school all professed their love for Satan and decided to start their own bands that would meet every Friday night to drink, make music and get high...No? Well, if you do, then DESTROYING ANGELS is right up your alley. Editor/Publisher Dennis Dread makes us all feel 16 again but talks to us like adults in this well produced and extensively researched zine. To lump it in the category of punkzine is almost an insult. Although DA has the feel of one of the early punkzines, the layouts, articles and artwork are so far advanced, that it goes into a category all its own. Dennis is himself an incredible artist whose talents with a ballpoint (yes...BALLPOINT) pen are like nothing I've ever seen before, and his love for the death metal genre shines through in every page. In #5, Dennis has a great tribute to another overtly talented man..."Mad" Marc Rude, who passed away in 2002 and left quite a legacy in he world of underground art. Dennis includes tales of those who knew Rude as well as his anticipated meeting with Rude which was cancelled due to Rude's death. Among other articles in this issue is an interview with the infamous Mike Diana, who tells from his own words what happened when he went to trial and was convicted of drawing the underground comic Boiled Angel. Diana also supplies lots of his disgusting artwork including his autobiographical strip of when he first saw G.G. Allin in concert. I'm sorry that I'm so behind on getting recent issues of this zine because it definitely is a one of a kind. Dread is up to #8 already and hopefully I'll be getting a copy soon to review in an upcoming KW. Production is creative, cutting edge and VERY well done. MATURE READERS"
c/o Robert L. Sumner
PO Box 1523
Depoe Bay, Oregon

Let's review: I make you feel 16 again, but I talk to you like an adult.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fast as a shark...and twice as mean!

Here's a glimpse at my new drawing for Denmark speedthrashers Victimizer! This is a completely raw untouched scan. You like metal? Here's a zombie holding the head of jesus, a great white shark, barbwire, and a pentagram stormtrooper! This should be out by June on Hell's Headbangers records. THRASH or DIE!!!!