Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Typical Girl

"Who invented the typical girl?
Who's bringing out the new improved model?
And there's another marketing ploy
Typical girl gets the typical boy."
-The Slits

I don't often drag my family into the blog but this one is for my daughter. Her first record was The Slits LP Cut and she really resonated with their weird brand of spastic rasta punk from an early age. I never really got it myself, but what do I know? A few years ago when The Slits briefly reformed and passed through Portland my daughter had the opportunity to meet these pioneers face to face and get her vinyl signed. They showed up to their all ages record store appearance very late but delivered a lively set for the small dedicated throng who stuck around and were very gracious with their young (and old) fans. Sadly, news has hit the Internet that founding member Ari Up passed away today at the terribly young age of 48 due to a mysterious "serious illness". She struck me as a feisty lady who didn't take shit from anyone and she was definitely not a typical girl. Blast some Slits in her memory this week and remember the day when punk meant breaking the fucking rules and thinking for yourself.

R.I.P. Ari Up!