Sunday, August 23, 2009


Eric Isaacson is the owner of Mississippi Records here in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Eric's motto is, "Always, love over gold" and his humble shop is one of the few vinyl-only sanctuaries left in the Pacific Northwest. It's also the subject of our latest installment of Gross Anatomy! At Mississippi Records you won't find a huge selection of metal & punk records BUT since Eric refuses to cater to the highest bidder on E-bay you're bound to find some reasonably priced gems hidden amongst all the rare jazz and $2 Krokus records. Needless to say, I was stoked when he asked me to design the jerseys for his 'Mississippi Wreckers' softball team! I know, I know. Softball isn't very metal. But Eric is a righteous brother and this turned out to be a fun project. So let's take a look at how it came together...

Eric wanted zombie hands holding a broken record in sort of a cartoony EC Comics style. Fuck yeah! He came to the right place. I scribbled this sketch on a note pad at the store to make sure we were on the same page and then got to work...

As usual, from the scribble I created a rough sketch to get a sense of the dimensions and details. This was going to be silkscreened so I had to resist the temptation to go crazy with detail and shading.

But I still managed to sneak in some detail and a few maggots for good measure.

Here's the final image before it was reversed and the logo was added.

And here are the badass Mississippi Wreckers!

Woops! Wrong photo.

Here are the real Mississippi Wreckers in all their undead glory! I think their final stats were 1-12 which, for the unathletic among us (and that's pretty much every slob reading this), means they only won one game. But DAMN! They sure looked good losing! Visit Eric if you're ever in the Northwest. And remember: always, love over gold.

Mississippi Records
4007 N. Mississippi Ave.
Portland, Oregon
(503) 282.2990


Lucio H. said...

If there is a "metal bakery" in Portland, you could use that same theme again and switch the broken record with a broken cookie.

Dennis Dread said...

Good idea, Lucio! I'm also using this motif for the local tire store, pizzeria, doughnut shop and hula hoop factory. It's also the new Engorged cover.

Lucio H. said...

Now THAT is how you hustle, Dread! NICE! HA!