Friday, June 23, 2017


Yo, New Yawk! First things first. Laying roses on Joe "Maniac" Spinell's final resting place in the very same cemetery where Lucio Fulci filmed The Gates of Hell in 1980.

I packed a 50lb crate of vintage vinyl 3,000 miles across the country to DJ the Friday night after party. None of this lazy iPad Iron Maiden medley bullshit for me. 

Black Death Resurrected drove eight hours and hit the stage at 2am to deliver the goods to the Brooklyn congregations! 

Eternal hails to He Wang, Henry Yuan, Michael "Tooth Log" Daniel Vieira and the rest of the Defenders Of The Old crew for making this incredible last stand a reality!

I had a blast spinning records at Saint Vitus Bar until the neighbors complained about the noise at 3am and shut us down a bit early. PLAY IT LOUD!!!!!
Betsy Bitch handed me this signed set list as she strutted off stage.



Getting crazy with Joe Leonard of Frigid Bich and my brothers of the mighty Budos Band who served as their roadies.

I bought a sealed copy of the 1973 Coffy soundtrack for $10. Also, that's Cirith Ungol performing Black Machine in the background.

Witch Riot.
King Fowley still rules.



Ross the Boss jumped on stage and jammed Chuck Berry with The Rods on Sunday night! That is more New York metal history than I can explain in this tiny caption. Suffice to say, these hard men ARE heavy metal.

GO TIME again...
I realize it doesn't look like much, but you can see the old housing project building I lived in when I was very young from the Metro North train. Some feral antics went down in and around those unassuming walls.

My mom obviously has no idea where that hair has been.

Playing Ghostbusters at the New York Public Library with a man who can draw better than just about anyone alive.

Spent the Solstice with visionary American illustrator Jos. A. Smith, true uncredited creator of the original Bathory goat logo. At 80, he is far more "occult" than anyone wearing a spooky metal shirt. In fact, he is one of the classiest and most initiated men I have ever met. Here we are at the iconic Grand Central Station main concourse clock about to hit the streets of New York.
Adios, NYC!

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Maximum barbaric flyer for maximum barbaric metal!

On Friday July 7, 2017 Wyrd War proudly presents the FIRST EVER WEST COAST APPEARANCE of Cleveland Metal legends DESTRUCTOR with very special guests ANTICHRIST from Sweden (first Portland appearance) and DANAVA!!!! Once again, I shall be chained to the wheels of pain for maximum skull smashing destruction!!!! Tickets on sale now at Mississippi Studios.

Saturday, June 03, 2017


I'm heading to Brooklyn this month with Black Death Resurrected​ to DJ the official Defenders of the Old Fest​ after party on Friday June 16th under the name "DJ Wyrd War" (naturally). We will get started at midnight immediately after Nasty Savage over at Saint Vitus Bar so come armed to the teeth and ready to DEFEND! Look forward to seeing some of you loud and proud NEW YORK MANIACS very soon!!!!