Thursday, July 25, 2019


Wyrd War proudly presents Charles Bernstein’s haunting score for Sidney Furie’s controversial supernatural thriller THE ENTITY (1982) for the first time ever on glorious vinyl! To celebrate this historical soundtrack release, we are bringing a rare 35mm print of THE ENTITY to The Hollywood Theatre for one night only on Saturday August 24, 2019! Tickets on sale now

Based on the novel of the same name, which in turn was based on the real-life case of a woman believed to be the victim of a violent spectral invasion, THE ENTITY is a provocative and genuinely unsettling descent into complex trauma and the demoralization that often emerges in the aftermath of rape. Barbara Hershey’s brilliant performance as a single mother seeking assistance from both a skeptical psychiatrist and a bumbling team of paranormal researchers is amplified by Bernstein’s iconic musical cues (more recently heard in Quentin Tarantino’s INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS). They simply do not make ghost movies like this anymore. If THE ENTITY does not reduce you to a pile of awestruck primal dread, you might want to call your therapist. We will have copies of the soundtrack available in the lobby before the film. This one is strictly limited to 666 numbered copies and is already nearly sold out in pre-sales, so if you wish to order ahead of time visit the online Wyrd War store.

Sunday, July 21, 2019


Only brick and mortar is real.

Greydon Clark and his partner Marlene relaxing in the Wyrd War lounge. 

Tales From The Summer Bummer.

The Doom That Came to Doomtown.

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for our Wyrd War gallery launch meet & greet and Summer Bummer Double Feature with legendary writer, producer, actor, director Greydon Clark! We could've listened to his hilarious tales of low budget filmdom all night and, well...we did! Thanks to everyone at the Hollywood Theatre for making us feel right at home and thanks to our sponsor for this very special occasion, Blood Sweat Tears vodka from Eugene, Oregon. Very special thanks to Greydon Clark and his lovely partner Marlene for everything. We will return next year - deep in the heart of summer - to celebrate the craft of filmmaking with another surprise directorial guest. In the meantime, come see us at our new headquarters located at 3505 NE Broadway in beautiful Portland, Oregon where we have a rotating permanent display of Ghanaian movie poster paintings that is guaranteed to blow your mind.