Saturday, August 16, 2008

DEUTSCHLAND 2008 (part 4): Full Metal Jacket!

The heavy metal "patch-jacket" seems to be a distinctly Teutonic phenomenon. Sure, other nationalities indulge in the patch-jacket tradition but not with the fanatical enthusiasm and obsessive stitchery of the Germans. These are just a few humble examples of the patch-jacket when I was sober enough to remember my camera.

Patch-jacket with first-aid fanny pack.

The patch-jacket is largely a thrash metal institution but this fan proves that it can also celebrate other genres. Behold the Black Metal Patch-Jacket!

A slight variation on the patch-jacket is the Heavy Metal Club. At first glance they resemble traditional biker gang colors but upon closer inspection it becomes clear that these brothers are not bonded by iron horses and the open road but by their unwavering devotion to TRUE METAL! These guys will kick your ass.

Bow before the crowned and conquering Patch-Jacket Champion! I wouldn't want to hang out with this guy but he clearly wins. Sorry guys, better luck next time...

Friday, August 15, 2008

DEUTSCHLAND 2008 (part 3): W.O.A.

Jeff Walker of CARCASS!




...Black Metal Magic!






DEUTSCHLAND 2008 (part 2): Iron Maiden!

The Trooper invades the beer garden!

Storming the stage!

Front row for Iron Maiden at Wacken! I had to kill women and children to get this close and, miraculously, I found this photo on some German festival site. I'm the guy at the bottom right wondering how I'll get a beer...

"Torches blazed and sacred chants were phrased666...THE ONE FOR YOU & ME!"