Saturday, October 19, 2019


Thank you, Portland! Wyrd War's 7:30pm screening of John Carpenter's THEY LIVE on November 1, 2019 sold out in less than 24 hours. We added an encore 11pm show, and that sold out too. That is more than 700 white-knuckled resistance fighters willing to put on the glasses and get woke!

Academy award-winning composer/sound designer ALAN HOWARTH is our special guest for the evening. Howarth will perform a full concert after the film, featuring a medley of beloved soundtrack hits spanning his entire career, including ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, CHRISTINE, PRINCE OF DARKNESS, the ongoing HALLOWEEN franchise and many more!

ABOUT THE PRINT: In 2017, a Universal Studios archivist discovered a random canister of film in the vault that appeared to have never been shipped out for public viewing. He soon realized this was a mislabeled “lost" print of THEY LIVE circa 1988! Since its discovery, this truly rare and pristine gem has only been projected twice...until now! Hope you got your tickets. See ya November 1.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Why is this man in the box screaming? What do cowboy dirges and horror disco have in common? Find out TONIGHT October 16, 2019 when DJ Dennis Dread descends upon the Portland Film Fest afterparty at Kelly’s Olympian with friends FEDERALE performing songs from the new documentary FIRE ON THE HILL. This event is FREE and everyone over 21 is welcome. Music starts at 9:30pm. Acoustic set at 10:30pm. Saddle up and meet your match down at the watering hole.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019


Claudio and Bruno pointing out Dario Argento's accidental reflection in the window of this scene in Suspiria during soundcheck. I've seen Suspiria probably 20 times since the 80s and never noticed this before!

Meet & greet at the Wyrd War gallery.

Claudio signed my beautiful print of this Conquest poster art by the Ghanaian mobile cinema artist Leonardo. 

Claudio had never seen this rare 1978 Dawn of the Dead board game by SPI Games that is part of our current exhibit at the Wyrd War gallery.

Scenes from the projection booth.

384 stabbing shards of glass can't be wrong.

I don't always act like an Italian opera queen, but when I do it's on stage with Claudio Simonetti! Thank you A.K. Wilson for capturing the spirit of the night in a single photo. 

"If you had told 15 year old me that someday I'd be up here on stage introducing one of my absolute cinematic musical heroes...I probably would've been less cranky in high school!" Hey Portland! Thanks for showing up and giving me the night of my life last week! We sold out The Hollywood Theatre in less than 24 hours...back in July...for our screening of Dario Argento's DEEP RED (1975) featuring Claudio Simonetti's Goblin performing live! Special thanks to everyone who purchased meet & greet tickets and joined us at the Wyrd War gallery for a very intimate evening with the maestro and his band. It was an incredible experience for all involved and I can't thank Claudio enough for being the most humble and gracious musician I've ever had the pleasure of hosting! Next up in my autumn cinematic soundtrack concert series is John Carpenter's THEY LIVE (1988) featuring Academy award-winning composer Alan Howarth live in concert after the film! Our 7:30pm performance sold out in 24 hours, so we added an encore 11pm show! Get your tickets now