Monday, June 26, 2006

In Grind We Crust!

Here are some photos of a guy in Missouri getting my drawing for Phobia permanently etched into his back! I hope to someday be able to tattoo my art onto people myself. In the meantime, its pretty cool to watch this tattoo progress...

"If you want blood, you got it!"

Thanks for finding these photos, Susan!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Among The Runes

Elhaz = Life!

Tiwaz = Justice!


Enjoying the Summer Solstice sun with Mt. Hood looming in the background. It was a beautiful day and an inspired night under the stars. My family & friends on the Eastcoast occasionally ask why I choose to live in the Northwest. This is why.

Newt eggs!


Friday, June 16, 2006


I am pleased to herald the coming Solstice with the release of a new poster-size print of my ballpoint invocation of the Germanic goddess Freyja! These 16" X 20" prints turned out beautiful and look very much like the original art. All of the delicate line work of the original is reproduced on durable semi-gloss paper designed to fit perfectly into any standard 16" X 20" frame. Click on the image above to view the detail. Prints are available now for $45 plus shipping. They will be shipped in a hard poster tube to assure they arrive undamaged. I will also sign prints if requested, just ask. Hail Freyja! Hagalaz!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Here's a nice shot of Ghoul preparing to slaughter posers in Portland this past weekend with the assistance of the always charming Mr. Fang! Is it just me or did Mr. Fang look particularly handsome that night? Cheers to all the stagedivers, thrashers, & Ghoulunatics that made the show so memorable! Also cheers to Zombie Ritual for coming all the way from Japan! The new Ghoul cd 'Splatterthrash' RULES and is available now through the mighty Razorback Records! Incidentally, the cover art was provided by cartoon artist Greg Oakes.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Speaking of retarded photos, here are a few shots of me on my birthday last week. Apparently I REALLY like that vodka & cranberry drink. Hey Angie, thanks for immortalizing my drunken stupidity. Happy Birthday to me!

Greg Irons

Patrick Rosenkranz's new book 'You Call That Art?!!' has been sent to the printer and is scheduled for a July release through Fantagraphics Books!!! This is the long awaited retrospective of underground art legend Greg Irons and it has been lovingly assembled with the full cooperation of Irons' surviving family and friends. Did you know Greg Irons was addicted to prostitutes??? Neither did I. Can't wait to read the book! 'You Call That Art?!!' features an amazing collection of Greg Irons artwork, spanning his colorful "careers" which included psychedelic posters, underground comix, children's educational and coloring books, as well as tattoo art! Mr. Rosenkranz is the author of 'Rebel Visions', the definitive history of underground comix and an all around cool mofo. If you don't already own a copy of 'Rebel Visions', do yourself a favor and order it now from Fantagraphics. Greg Irons is back from the dead! All hail Greg Irons!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Anti-Christ Reception

My art opening at Optic Nerve Arts this week was a huge success (whatever that means)! Thanks to everyone who came out. I still haven't discovered any wealthy patrons looking to cover their penthouse walls with "zombie porn", but lots of people turned out and we managed to plow through six 12 packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon in the first 2 hours. Hey, wait a minute! Maybe all those people didn't come out to see the art after all...