Sunday, July 31, 2011

Taste and Corruption

"The search for humor should not be regarded...simply as an evasion of or escape from the realities of life; it [is] also a positive attempt to create joy & pleasure around everyday events, as well as a rebellion against the restrictions of morality & prudence. As such, it deserves to have its achievements recorded quite as much as the more long-term efforts of the legislators & educators, whose success was perhaps not as great."

~Theodor Zeldin
From Taste & Corruption as quoted in David Kunzle's The History of the Comic Strip

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The new issue of Roctober just arrived in my po box and it's a smoker! The theme for issue #49 is "livin' in the 80's" and editor Jacob Austen did a bang up job assembling deeply informative interviews with Glenn Danzig, The Zero Boys (from which this issue takes its subtitle), The Knots, TSOL, Captain Sky, Boyd Rice and a bunch of other cool shit you probably don't know much about. The Danzig article features some of my drawings and writing and, I have to admit, they look pretty sweet on newsprint! So get off Facebook and Twitter and support a REAL magazine that you can hold in your hands and read on the bus. You can even roll it up real tight and shove it into the trachea of the next dude you spot updating his profile status while a band is playing. Isn't that worth $4?

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Ladies & Gentlemen...we have a WINNER! Only two people posted guesses in 24 hours (which gives you a pretty accurate idea how many people read this blog) and the correct answer to our contest is indeed Mr. Stevo Dobbins of IMPETIGO! As you can see below, Stevo drew this masterpiece for the very first issue of his zine Uni-Force back in 1986. The prize goes to Rueben Storey of Olympia, Washington, which is great because not only is he a big Impetigo fan but now if I ever need to borrow my shirt back I can just give Reuben a call. Win/win. Congratulations, Reuben. Don't let anyone say totally useless trivia won't get you free stuff. It just did.

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Thanks to everyone who made this year's art exhibition such a success! Now that CUT & PASTED // BURNED & WASTED is officially closed, I will slither back into the dungeon and focus on my own artwork once again. If I owe you artwork, thanks for your patience. It's coming soon! In the meantime, the sun has finally returned to the Northwest and I'm feeling rather festive this morning's CONTEST TIME again! This one is pretty easy so pay attention, slobs. Do you remember the crossover days? Some cranky old fucks will tell you that crossover ruined punk and diluted metal. But for a very brief period during the late 80's, acronyms were suddenly all the rage and the melding of these previously segregated genres resulted in some of the most violent and undeniably enjoyable music of the decade. This old drawing of skinheads, punks and 'bangers all thrashing together sums things up pretty well. So here's your mission: the first person to correctly identify the artist who drew this outrageous display of mosh unity back in 1986 wins a very special prize. Just be the first person to post the correct answer and your mailing address as a comment and I will send you my original Impetigo long sleeve shirt with band logo running down one sleeve, Wild Rags logo running down the other sleeve and hot pink ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE title emblazoned across the back! You'll impress all the posers this summer when you strut down to the rock & roll BBQ in your very own "vintage" metal shirt! And you won't have to sheepishly admit that you paid top dollar for your credibility on e-bay. Don't say I never gave you anything...

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


East End Block Party! I realize this looks like a Rainbow Gathering but I assure you it did not sound like one. Or smell like one.

A bunch of people took these picture so...thanks for the pictures!

Sunday, July 03, 2011


Thanks to all you rabid fanatics and shock troops who continue to visit CUT & PASTED // BURNED & WASTED, Black Water has very graciously extended the exhibition through this week. We are excited to announce the CLOSING RECEPTION PARTY this Friday JULY 8th from 6pm-11pm! If you missed the opening reception, be sure to come down this Friday and see the show before it is gone forever. $3 admission covers all you can drink until the keg runs dry...

1925 SE Morrison
Portland, Oregon
(parking & entrance in the back)