Sunday, October 31, 2010


My second annual Halloween Mix Tape is now available for download at the mighty Cosmic Hearse! I don't need to wax poetic here because unless your head is up your ass you probably already worship at the daily shrine that is Aesop Dekker's incredible music blog. I actually don't often download music but Aesop is a fantastic writer and I always enjoy his perspective. He's obsessive, reverent, generous and good-natured and I was thrilled to be invited to guest post again this year. My collection of songs isn't necessarily kvlt, grim, obscure, rare, or even out-of-print but hopefully you'll be exposed to a few new/old sounds while you're carving your pumpkins. And here's a link to last year's mix in case you missed out. Happy Halloween!


Aesop said...

Thanks again, Dennis.

Ryan S. said...

Great as always. I have Dennis Dread mixes comin' out my eyes!