Saturday, October 13, 2007


Here's a shot of my fucking killer DERANGED shirt (circa 1988)!

Oh yeah, and that's the DESTROYING ANGELS table at this year's Stumptown Comics Fest. This was the best Stumptown Fest yet and the new issue sold surprisingly well considering it's not a comic. Despite being completely sleep deprived this year, I had a great time hanging with my pals and Dave Walker of BadAzz Mofo magazine! Support this brotha cause his shit RULES! And if you don't already own a copy of DESTROYING ANGELS #9, order soon before I get sick of printing them! Thanks to Ocean Yamaha for the photo.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Ladies & Gentlemen,
Digestor raises a goblet of rotgut to EVERYONE who got off their lazy asses and mailed an entry to the 2007 Ghoul Coloring Contest! The entries poured in (actually they trickled in like a slowly weeping wound) from both coasts and as far abroad as Sweden. They look great and we received a colorful array of media: pencils, highlighter pens, markers, crayons, watercolor paints, & even photoshop. If you submitted an entry, consider yourself a winner. At least you're not a slack-jawed internet poser. No, you're a slack-jawed WEIRDO that sits around coloring pictures of ZOMBIE PUKE! What the hell is wrong with you??? But I digress. The winner? Ladies & Gentlemen, the winner of the 2007 Ghoul Coloring Contest is...The King of Stereoscopics, Mr. Ray Zone! Congratulations, Ray! Not only have you championed 3-D art for more than 2 decades, you are now the proud recipient of your very own DESTROYING ANGELS shirt (priceless!) plus a copy of the finest underground art zine in the world (huh?). And don't you"runners up" worry! The entries were ALL so impressive that EVERYONE who sent us a picture before the September deadline will receive a complimentary copy of DESTROYING ANGELS! Now strap on your 3-D goggles and take a leap into the forbidden 3-D ZONE!!!!

Until the next contest, remember...