Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I finally got around to coloring that Glenn Danzig portrait I sketched a few months ago. Had a lot of fun with this and you're in luck because I'm raffling off the original 11" x 17" painting for my one year anniversary of Last Wednesday On The Left tomorrow night! You get a free raffle ticket just for walking in the door and there's no cover so even if you're broke you've got a chance at owning an original piece of art. Why, it's almost like Halloween.


Lucio H. said...

You have to BE THERE to get this?!? Aw, COME ON!

Dennis Dread said...

Lucio: No, the art raffle is available to EVERYONE. Just follow the Last Wednesday On The Left link to an earlier post and you'll see how you can purchase raffle tickets via paypal.