Monday, March 08, 2010

VOMIT! (reprise)

I'm guest DJ'ing on Portland's only ALL METAL radio show again this Wednesday night! Do you like Heavy Metal? Vomit? Join me this Wednesday from 1am until 3am on KBOO RADIO 90.7fm for HEAVY METAL VOMIT PARTY! That's right. 1am until 3am. Like you have anything to wake up early for on Thursday.

This Wednesday!
March 10th
90.7 FM


Lucio H. said...

If you don't give me a "shout out," I'm going to stop reading your blog, Herr Dread. And play IMPETIGO's "Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue" just for me. I won't be listening, but it'd make me happy all the same ... !

Dennis Dread said...

Done and done, Mr. Holocausto.

Breakfast is served at the Manchester Morgue...

Heavy Metal Vomit Party said...

You're a good man.