Thursday, March 11, 2010


We conjured another classy set of hymns last night at the HEAVY METAL VOMIT PARTY! Here's the playlist for 3/11/2010. BLEEEAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

Hawkwind - Masters of the Universe

Testament - Eerie Inhabitants

Villains - Lifecode Of Decadence

Excruciating Terror - Don't Care Who You Are

Dead Congregation - Perennial Blasphemous Affliction

Judas Priest - Sinner

Candlemass - Solitude

Destruction - Mad Butcher

Weapon - Serpentine Ayat

Axis of Advance - Decievers Purged

Kung Fu Rick - 1000 Knuckles Rubbing

Mayhem- Funeral Fog

Impetigo- Breakfast at The Manchester Morgue (for Leon Holocausto & Starla)

Thou - I Was Ignored. And Judged. And Cast Down.

Scepter - Lowest Common Denominator

The Crown - Blitzkrieg Witchcraft

Beowulf- Unicorn

Heathen Hoof - Modern Inquisition

Dekapitator - One Shot One Kill

Bolt Thrower - Tank

Sodom - Ausgebombt

Onslaught - Power! Power! Power! Power From Hell!!!!

Incantation - Exiling Riotousness

State of Fear - Violation

Terrorizer - Fear of Napalm

Cloven Hoof- Cloven Hoof

F.K.U. - Maniac

Tesco Vee & The Hate Police - Alcohol (Gang Green cover)


Lucio H. said...

HURRAY! I'm FAMOUS! Ha! I'm going to see if I can download the show ...

Matt Slime Bucket said...

haha wow, that's one hell of a playlist if i ever saw one!