Saturday, August 01, 2009


Click to view flyer at approximately the scale it was drawn.

Here's a new flyer I banged out to commemorate the triumphant return (and inevitable passing out) of Northwest "Death Punk" legends Wehrmacht! As you can see, I've expanded my ballpoint arsenal to include my daughter's $1.75 watercolor paints and a red Sharpie. It must be summer. Aside from their uncanny allegiance to a beer that is arguably worse than Pabst Blue Ribbon and their ability to puke on command, Wehrmacht is further distinguished for having written a song that makes Napalm Death's 'You Suffer' sound like wanky prog rock. I hope they play it twice cause if you burp you'll miss it. To celebrate this special occasion, Engorged will be flying in from their secret bunker at Shotgun Gulch to debut new songs from the forthcoming LP House of Cthulhu plus a few surprises they haven't played live in years! The Hawthorne Theater has a liberal attitude toward stage diving so I hope to see you thrashers in the air. "E...!!!!"

plus special guests
Saturday August 15th
Hawthorne Theater


Leon Holocausto said...

Did Ryan Engorged show you the "Mysteries of the Worm" lyrics? Just curious.

Dennis Dread said...

Nah, I haven't read the words yet but I've heard the song without lyrics and it KILLS!!!

By the way, have I mentioned how much I appreciate your comments?? Seriously, I'd be lonely over here without you...

Leon Holocausto said...

Aw, shucks ... ! ALWAYS interesting reading, Herr Dread.