Friday, August 28, 2009

Cruel, devious, pure as venom...CONTEST!

Pumpkinhead is coming to Portland's Bagdad Theater on 35mm! Special effects artist Stan Winston's directorial debut is a massively underrated 80's fairy tale about love, loss, and the serpentine DEMON OF VENGEANCE! Lavished in moonlit indigo hues and featuring Lance Henriksen as a downhome dad hellbent on southern justice, this cult classic makes up for its simplistic story with owl hooting atmosphere and one of the most satisfying monsters in cinematic history. Sure, Winston gets a bit longwinded and probably could've edited about 30 minutes for a tighter ride (and made those dorky teens even more deserving of punishment) but once Pumpkinhead emerges from the mist...all hell breaks loose (just like the poster promises)! I don't think I'm spoiling much by revealing that the plot hinges on ol' Ed Harley's visit to a haggard backwoods witch who sends him on a midnight dig at the local cemetery. So here's the contest: What is the name of the woods where the old cemetery is located? Be the first to post the correct answer as a comment and I'll make sure you get two tickets to the one-night only screening of Pumpkinhead next Saturday, September 5th! The movie is only $3 anyway, so you can't blame the economy for missing this one, but the Bagdad Theater is also a full bar so if you win you can buy your date a pitcher of locally brewed Hammerhead Stout for the occasion. Sorry, you must be over 21 to win. Good luck, Nerds!

Bagdad Theater
September 5th

"Whatcha' want, Ed Harley? Say it. Say it! SAY IT!"


Anonymous said...

haven't seen this one man... the sequels looked shitty and gay.

Lucio H. said...

I believe they were called "The Hundred Acre Woods." YES?!?

GSV JR said...

Aint them there woods back woods? Sheesh. I can see how you'd dig this. I think you've drawn this movie before Holly-vood dropped coin on it. Inbreds, woods, a walking testicle with claws dismembering said inbreds. No wonder...