Saturday, June 10, 2006

Greg Irons

Patrick Rosenkranz's new book 'You Call That Art?!!' has been sent to the printer and is scheduled for a July release through Fantagraphics Books!!! This is the long awaited retrospective of underground art legend Greg Irons and it has been lovingly assembled with the full cooperation of Irons' surviving family and friends. Did you know Greg Irons was addicted to prostitutes??? Neither did I. Can't wait to read the book! 'You Call That Art?!!' features an amazing collection of Greg Irons artwork, spanning his colorful "careers" which included psychedelic posters, underground comix, children's educational and coloring books, as well as tattoo art! Mr. Rosenkranz is the author of 'Rebel Visions', the definitive history of underground comix and an all around cool mofo. If you don't already own a copy of 'Rebel Visions', do yourself a favor and order it now from Fantagraphics. Greg Irons is back from the dead! All hail Greg Irons!