Friday, June 16, 2006


I am pleased to herald the coming Solstice with the release of a new poster-size print of my ballpoint invocation of the Germanic goddess Freyja! These 16" X 20" prints turned out beautiful and look very much like the original art. All of the delicate line work of the original is reproduced on durable semi-gloss paper designed to fit perfectly into any standard 16" X 20" frame. Click on the image above to view the detail. Prints are available now for $45 plus shipping. They will be shipped in a hard poster tube to assure they arrive undamaged. I will also sign prints if requested, just ask. Hail Freyja! Hagalaz!


Anonymous said...

My mom particularly likes the boobies in this one!

Unknown said...

Just bumped into your gorgeous drawing... eleven years after you drew it. Are there still any prints available, or anyplace that I could buy a copy? (I've got permissions set so that replies are emailed to me, so I'm not leaving an open email for the spiders to grab)