Monday, October 12, 2020


I woke this morning to the terrible news that Timo Ketola has succumbed to leukemia. If you have ever visited my Wyrd War gallery, you have very likely heard me describe Timo as one of the greatest living artists working within an occult framework. If you joined us for our one year anniversary exhibit this past July, you had the rare and sublime pleasure of experiencing a selection of Timo’s incredible work from my personal collection. The world is an entirely less enchanted place without Timo Ketola’s nimble hands feverishly scribbling away on any surface available. It was some small comfort that I received the word from a very dear and trusted friend from afar, rather than the usual internet channels. As we reminded each other this morning, we always believe we have time...until we do not. Seize the night! Re-enchant! Re-enchant! Re-enchant your world before it is too late! Perhaps that is the meaning of Timo’s premature and heartbreakingly unexpected departure from this perishable realm of flesh, blood and bone. R.I.P. Fuck The World. HAIL TIMO KETOLA!