Tuesday, May 05, 2020


Photo by A.K. Wilson

Production pic by Tim Sepulveda

Photo by A.K. Wilson

COVID-19 can take me now! My work on this planet is complete. The amazingly talented sculptor Tim Sepulveda of Veda Toys partnered with me to create an extremely limited edition 3.7" funeral figure based on my first drawing for DARKTHRONE way back in 2007. Note how the devilock hangs over the brim of the helmet. Behold the tiny spikes on his tiny gloved fist. Revel in the microscopic silver bondage ring on his clunky black boots. A.K. Wilson designed beautiful retro-inspired action figure packaging, and the plastic blister is hinged at the bottom so the figure can be removed without damaging the signed/numbered cardback! 13 of these painstakingly sculpted and hand-painted masterpieces marched into the world on April 20, 2020 and disappeared in less than one hour. F.O.A.D. // R.I.P.