Monday, May 01, 2017


That's screenwriter Randall Jahnson (The Mask of Zorro, Dudes, The Doors) receiving a tarot reading from our guest witches in the lobby before the film.

Thank you to all who joined us this year for a very special Walpurgisnacht at Hollywood Theatre! We stirred the cauldron and chaos reigned, so we apologize for the slightly wonky start time on this event. However, we trust that the absolutely beautiful 35mm print of Eyes of Fire more than made up for any confusion tossed in our collective paths. Special thanks to our witches, Odessa Godoy, Erin Aquarian and Ann Heideman. As always, thanks to everyone at the Hollywood Theatre, especially the staff who very eloquently fielded complaints from offended Christians. You can't please all the people all the time...and that is certainly never my personal goal. That said, 100 of you received a handmade traditional corn husk doll courtesy of Wyrd War, and all of you now receive my deepest gratitude for your ongoing support. May Day is a time to seize the full transformative potential of your being. Take the fire inside you! Witches are real. Witchcraft is alive. From the field to the film...