Tuesday, September 27, 2016


It is time once again to welcome the legendary Siki Spacek and Black Death Resurrected​ to the West Coast! Next week I will be hitting the road with my Cleveland brothers to deliver swift metal justice to Seattle, Portland and San Francisco with Portland newcomers Acid Wash, before pushing onward to Frost and Fire II in Ventura, California to witness the triumphant return of Cirith Ungol! When I first brought Siki Spacek and crew to Portland in 2014, some of the local non-believers expressed their smug doubt as only smug non-believers can. Of course, it turned out to be one of the most memorable concerts of the last decade. And we're gonna do it again! In case you need a quick history lesson, you can read a conversation between Siki and myself​ here, from shortly before he blew minds and stole hearts at the 2014 East End Block Party. My beloved comrade A.K. Wilson made a killer video from that performance, in case you need any further motivation to get your ass off the couch and on the street. I hope to see some of you TRUE 'bangers up front and center very soon. It's what Cliff Burton would have wanted. UNTIL WE ROCK!

  • October 4 (Seattle) The Highline: with Acid Wash, High Spirits and Christian Mistress 
  • October 5 (Portland) Dante's: with Acid Wash, Danava and DJ Dennis Dread 
  • October 7 (San Francisco) Thee Parkside: with Acid Wash, Mesmer and Act of Defiance
  • October 9 (Ventura) Frost and Fire II: with Ashbury and Grim Reaper