Monday, September 01, 2014


THE STARS ARE RIGHT! Today I unveil my guerrilla label and action propaganda division: WYRD WAR! Why does the world need yet another micro record label? To put it as simply as possible, I've been involved in a lot of great records over the years - and I'm proud of every single one - but until now I've never had the opportunity to create projects with absolutely no restraints and no compromises. WW will release only a few carefully selected records each year with an emphasis on the strange and the beautiful and the unsung. In other words, you will be gravely disappointed. And I will soon go down like Icarus in a blaze of commercially unsound decisions. In the meantime, I invite you to "follow" the WYRD WAR Facebook page, which is where I'll primarily be conducting business until I get around to creating a more viable platform. I don't do anything in half measure so you can bet your pretty ass I've got an arsenal of surprises up my sleeve. Strange days have found us indeed. FTW!