Thursday, December 05, 2013


The dust frost has settled (and it's too damn cold to go outside), so I'm finally sitting down to reflect on the October ENTARTETE KUNTS party at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn. Needless to say, we enjoyed a fantastic gathering of noble dignitaries as well as many new friends and random nerds who turned out to support the book in full force. Unfortunately, we were too busy boozin' it up in the dark confines of New York's best metal bar to remember to properly document the occasion. I was only able to assemble a few blurry photos but, since many of you have asked about this event, I've decided to share them with you here. Buy the book. Slit your own throat. 

Dennis Dread, Erik Danielsson, Drew Elliot, Pasquale Reca.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Fuck off to those who didn't. Very special thanks to David Castillo and the entire St. Vitus crew for showing us a good time and serving Trooper Ale, Robin Adams of Bittersweets NY for everything, but especially for being such a classy lady and for generously loaning my original Darkthrone art from her private collection for the afternoon, Dan Foder for being a Brother in Arms and snapping some of these photos while I got drunk, DJ Inhaler for spinning Saints In Hell and causing a high pitched headbanging session, Vicky Pingarron for telling me I should always save PowerPoints as PDFs...moments before the PowerPoint froze, Drew Elliott for ruling as always, Frank and Martina Russo for keeping it weird and Pasquale Reca for using that hammer as intended. 


piranha said...

Looks like an amazing night, sure wish I coulda been there!

Unknown said...

Drew and Vicky. Some of the best people ever, despite their love of The Darkness.