Friday, August 23, 2013


In case you were sitting on the edge of your computer chair or smart phone or whatever wondering how it went, 14 year old Dread was pretty stoked last night!


Ryan.N said...

I went to see him once. in 2008 or so (with shitty openers). some guys in the neighborhood found out I had a ticket, and when they found out I had a ride into the city to see the show, they wanted hitch a ride with me.

the only problem was they wanted to see dimmu borgir and didn't care about Danzig, and for some reason they thought that I bought the ticket for Dimmu. Infact they were under the impression that dimmu borgir were headlining, once I told them Danzig was playing last, one of them said "Danzig? I won't even stay for his gayness!"

after I heard that I told the guys I had to leave. I remember once I got home I turned up my LP of FOAD by Darkthrone as loud as I could (not loud enough) I was pretty pissed off