Sunday, April 17, 2011


For those of you still grieving the recent anniversary of Pete Steele's untimely passing into the meat locker of the hereafter, I humbly present the following interview with Sean Taggart from Destroying Angels #6. It doesn't really have anything at all to do with Pete Steele but of course Taggart drew the cover art and insert for the debut Carnivore record and went on to draw some truly classic show flyers for the band over the course of his early career. I hope this little conversation will subvert your frown just a bit and remind you that not all of the good ones die young.

Dennis Dread and Sean Taggart moshing at Sean's home in New York circa 2003.


Lucio H. said...

One of my FAVORITE interviews from D.A.! Can you PLEASE try to publish the 'zine at least once a year? Is twice pushing things?

Bryn said...

Dennis, thanks a lot for this interview. I have always been intrigued by the unusual cover art for "Cause for Alarm" (maybe more than by the music on the record!). It was a treat to read about Sean and his art.

Dennis Dread said...

Thanks for the enthusiasm, Lucio! Unfortunately, more frequent publishing isn't possible unless you're willing to pay my rent and pick my kids up from school everyday.