Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Day The Internet Died

Check out this review of DESTROYING ANGELS #10 on the Invisible Oranges blog! Music journalist Cosmo Lee has offered up a thoughtful assessment of the new issue that illuminates some of the core values that keep me hunched over a crappy xerox machine at 3am. Although I'm certainly no Luddite, I like the idea that his Internet crashed and he filled the technological void by spending quality time with my latest hand-assembled publication. In fact, this review has inspired a new CONTEST!

While we're on the subject of invisible fruit, here's a photo of me devouring a giant invisible watermelon at Portland's East End last night when I realized how painfully few "die hards" would be joining me at the bar on a Wednesday night. Painfully few.


The Challenge: Do you remember the debut SUBHUMANS LP The Day The Country Died? It was a snide cautionary blast of irritating anarcho-punk with almost archetypal Limey vocals that inspired lots of 15 year old kids to pogo on their beds and stop eating meat. Your assignment, dear artists, is to reimagine this classic album cover with the revised title of The Day The Internet Died. Take that theme and do what thou wilt. Any media is acceptable. Submissions should be e-mailed to as jpg attachments. If it's too large to send as an e-mail attachment, make it smaller. Images larger than 5 MB will not be accepted.

The Deadline: September 30, 2010.

The Prize: The winner will receive a very special copy of DESTROYING ANGELS #5 (the Mad Marc Rude tribute issue!) autographed by Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King of SLAYER!!!! The lucky winner will also have their creation posted on this blog on October 1, 2010 and earn the enthusiastic accolades of all five readers. Make that four readers. An anonymous Nuclear War Now! fan just unsubscribed.

The Reference: Here's a scan of the original SUBHUMANS art to get you started. Good luck!

"It's 2010 and it's all gone dead!"


Lucio H. said...

"All five readers ..." Ha ha ha! That's me ... ME!

Dennis Dread said...

If Lucio stops reading we're down to one reader. And just looking at the pictures doesn't count. Ha!

Ryan S. said...

Oh, I love this contest! I actually have a scanner now too. If only I could draw...

Murdoch said...

I read every post mate. I enjoy it heaps. You're very well spoken/written and it's a very interesting read (the pictures are ok too i guess).

Dennis Dread said...

Thanks for the comment! You should enter this contest. Your artwork is terrific!
Best Regards,
Dennis Dread

Murdoch said...

I've been thinking about. Like I think about all your contests. Having trouble with ideas on this one. We'll see.

You're from Portland right?
Heading to the West Coast for the first 2 weeks of October. Trying to work out what to do.
Any shows coming up?
Portland worth coming to.

Wooderson said...

I read this blog quite often but I'm more of a lurker. However, I can appreciate the work..which is stellar!