Friday, November 21, 2008

...And He Makes House Calls!

There were some good guesses but we now have our winners for the Dr. Butcher contest! And the answers? Snuff Maximus is the name on the tombstone during the opening credits. Salvador Dali is the famous artist whose likeness was swiped for the poster art. Check it out below. There will be one more contest in November so keep your eyes peeled for another chance to tickle your gray matter. See you Sunday night for DR. BUTCHER M.D. on 35mm at Portland, Goregon's Mission Theater! Show starts at 11pm. Get there early!


Anonymous said...

dali is not american
hes a spaniard catalonian

Dennis Dread said...

Re-read the contest more carefully. I did not ask for the American artist but the artist whose likeness was swiped for the American poster.