Thursday, July 10, 2008


"Ah, good taste! What a dreadful thing!
Taste is the enemy of creativeness." ~Pablo Picasso

A lot of people think I only draw skulls and maggots. Well, this little gem from the vaults will prove that theory wrong. Barfly was a glossy local magazine that covered everything related to...well, drinking and "bar culture". I'm not sure if it's still around but a few years ago they had a great design editor who commissioned me to draw covers when the theme seemed appropriate. I ended up doing 4 covers with themes such as "revenge", "insanity", and "decline of civilization". This is the one I did for their "true confessions" issue. The best part of this short-lived project was that the design editor would call me with a theme around 5pm and I would bang something out in a matter of hours and have it on their desk the following day. They never told me what to draw or saw rough sketches. It was a fun exercise and in the morning I would turn in something like this...