Saturday, February 09, 2008


The February 2008 issue of Metal Maniacs refers to my Darkthrone art as one of three "curveballs" hurled at the band's fans. According to writer Nathan T. Birk, the F.O.A.D. cover art was "released to resounding groans the world over...[with] mid 80's Broken Bones written all over it, which is perhaps being kind" (zing!). He later goes on to say, "...when the F.O.A.D. artwork was revealed...whoa. An even greater avalanche of derision..." (ouch!). This is perhaps the most scathing review of my art since I discovered this little gem on some message board a few months ago:

"Oh Dennis Dread. Interesting that all the gravestones have Hebrew on them."

First of all: the gravestones don't have hebrew on them. Second: I suspect there is an insult here but I can't tell if I've been accused of being a "jew" or a "nazi". I have no idea what this comment means. But it's funny. And it has launched another CONTEST! That's right, jews. Your assignment is to draw your favorite dictator, tyrant, or general enemy of humanity (real or imagined). The best drawing will be displayed in this year's ENTARTETE KUNTS exhibit and the winner will receive their very own DESTROYING ANGELS t-shirt (priceless!). All entries must be received by April 1st, 2008 (April Fool's Day).

Mail your art to:
PO BOX 40667



SEAN said...

Wow! Reminds me of when i got slammed for the first record cover i ever did, for Ragady Anne's first 7" (they go on to become the Donnas). The MRR reviewer said it looked like "something a death metaller in highschool would draw on his binder." Which was true, but nuffing wrong with that. Anyhow, i'm definitely entering this one!
"Jedem das Seine"

Anonymous said...

Dennis, I wouldn't worry too much. Look at the bands he reviews and the label he works PR for...

Ryan S. said...

All the reviews I read seemed to speak highly of the art.

Now, I just have to decide if I should draw the Red Skull or King Hiss ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Dennis,

Not to worry. I have spoken to people who have been around or in contact with Birk and he apparently is quite full of himself. Thinking he speaks for all Darkthrone (here is die hard fan of the bad who loved the cover) kind re-enforces that thought. Yeah "...resounding groans the world over..." my ass.

Fenriz has always been an old school thrasher at heart anyway. The way he describes it sounds as if the band were forced at gun point to use a cover they had no input on. I would definitely not put too much weight behind that review, at all.

- Dale / Canadian Assault

Dennis Dread said...

Thanks for your comments! Don't worry, my feelings aren't hurt. I just thought I'd balance my usual postings with some less-than-positive feedback...haha. And it's a great excuse for another contest. Sharpen your pencils to KILL!

Kim Riot said...

Yeah, Dennis, I second Dale, Nathan Birk is quite egotistical. He thinks he is "god's" gift to metal music journalism... But eh, you know who your real fans are!!! ;)

Dennis Dread said...

The poser who made the "hebrew gravestones" remark may have been mistakenly referring to Dead Congregation's 'Graves of the Archangels' LP cover. Now those gravestones have Hebrew on them! But that was created by my talented comrade T. Ketola...not me.