Monday, August 27, 2007

contest update!

Ok, ok! Due to "popular" demand, I've agreed to push the contest deadline back so all you numskulls have a chance to really shine. All entries must be recieved by Friday SEPTEMBER 14th. And in a blood-chilling turn of events, the contest winner will now be determined by Digestor himself! Pay attention, here's how it works:

PRINT out the Ghoul drawing below (it should fit on 8.5" X 11" printer paper).
COLOR it in with any media you choose (pencil, paint, markers, crayons, blood, etc).
MAIL the finished art to: DENNIS DREAD PO BOX 40667 Portland, Oregon 97240-0667.

Digestor will reveal his favorite entry on October 1st. The winner will receive their very own Destroying Angels shirt (priceless!) and the upcoming issue of Destroying Angels zine (we can't wait to see it!). Got it? GO FORTH & COLOR!!!!


Richard Pickman said...

You rule, man.

Anonymous said...

Cool contest man, I hope I will take my time and do this. Who wouldn't want a Destroying Angels shirt.

Anonymous said...

my colored masterpiece is in the mail!!

DeathKing said...

4 Days!!