Thursday, May 17, 2007

SWORN TO THE DARK: Tour Photo Diary Part 3

Legendary punk artist Fly in her studio.
We ran into each other at Thompkins Square Park
and she took me back to her squat to draw my portrait...

While I was in the Lower East Side I visited my old friend and former Antischism singer Brent "Arrow" Baker. Brent is currently a bio-diesel activist in the process of organizing a major bio-fuel factory that he hopes will one day serve the entire tri-state region.


Goat head.

Goat head.


After hours at Duff's Alcohol Abuse Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I parted ways with everyone in Brooklyn. We drank until the sun came up and stumbled out into the morning to snap this farewell photo. It was impossible to document all the insanity and allies encountered on the sleepless road but, needless to say, this tour exceeded my expectations on every level. Hail to all the friends I met, especially all the bands, and everyone who came out and said hello.
See you next time...


Anonymous said...

All around GREAT photos, Herr Dread. Were you the goat-wrangler on the tour?!? Ha! They should have thrown in a pig's for "flavour" ... And when was the last time you were in NYC?

Town Manager said...

Excellent shots...and PABST!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dennis...Very fuckin' cool pics. Killer meetin' and all that shit. Ale and Kill...Cheers, Scott/Cianide

Anonymous said...

I agree with the rest of the speakers, great pictures! That toue must have been magical.