Sunday, July 30, 2006


While on vacation this past week at an undisclosed location in southern Oregon, I had the pleasure of visiting the set of Bruce Campbell's latest film, My Name Is Bruce! I can't tell you how exciting it was to roam around the set watching Ash from The Evil Dead direct himself in this new ultra low-budget monster comedy! Apparently making a movie requires a lot of people and entails a lot of sitting around and waiting. Luckily, I wasn't thrown off the set for being a creepy fanboy and did my sitting around in the producer's chair. We even got to watch the scene play-back with Bruce. Anyway, I promised I wouldn't ruin any surprises by posting a bunch of photos on the internet but I doubt this one shot of a car will be much of a spoiler. Best one-liner overheard during the shoot? "So long suckers!"


Anonymous said...

movie sets are possibly the most boring place in the world.

Impaled went down for a day as extras in Spider-Man. Sam Raimi saw us, motioned to someone, and we got stuck by a pizza stand in a festival scene where no cameras pointed. Get this... they had PAID extras and tons of pizza... and I repeat... no cameras could even see it.


Anonymous said...

Nice jacket dude.
Even nicer Dodge Swinger.