Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Roger Corman!

Born April 5th, 1926...
the King of B-Movie Trash turns 80 years old today!
Roger Corman is credited with producing over 800 movies and directed more than 50 films himself, including Bucket of Blood (1959), about a creepy artist who sculpts with human victims! He is most widely known for his film adaptations of Edgar Allen Poe stories, nearly all of which starred eccentric horror legend Vincent Price (The Premature Burial being the only exception). Mr. Corman's first film was Monster From The Ocean Floor (1954), about a giant squid (or octopus, or one-eyed ameba, or atomic mutant depending on who you ask). Incidentally, the giant squid is incredible. Ahem.
A few years after the financial success of The Monster From The Ocean Floor, a business associate bet Mr. Corman that he couldn't direct a film in less than three days. He directed The Little Shop Of Horrors (1960), starring a young Jack Nicholson, in just two days.
He won the bet.