Sunday, July 04, 2021

IN THE PIT: The Photography of Alison Braun (1981-1991)

Strap on your boots and join us at Wyrd War headquarters this Saturday July 10 for the grand opening of our summer exhibition IN THE PIT: The Photography of Alison Braun (1981-1991). 6pm-10pm. No appointment necessary. 3505 NE Broadway Street Portland, OR.

Alison Braun will be with us to sign copies of both the US and international editions of her amazing new book that collects some of her most iconic images from the formative days of hardcore punk and heavy metal. All of her gorgeous framed B/W prints will be available for purchase!

DJ Blaine Cook of legendary splatter punks THE ACCÜSED will join Dennis Dread on the wheels of steel! After the opening reception, IN THE PIT will remain on display by appointment through August 28 only at WYRD WAR!

Alison Braun is punk rock photography royalty! In 1976, she attended her first KISS concert and decided at the age of ten, in a smoky stadium, that she would dedicate her life to photography and the primal energy of live music. A few years later she was hanging out with the Misfits and Discharge, and documenting some of the most explosive music and controversial creative personalities of the 20th century...and she is still at it! We are delighted to host this rare exhibit of Braun's seminal photography, developed from her original 35mm negatives and specifically curated for Wyrd War! 

Long before everyone had high-resolution cameras in their back pockets and life became a performative ritual of self-documentation, it was the task of a few very dedicated fans - with the right equipment and the right place to stand - to capture the birth of hardcore punk, thrash metal and crossover in DIY darkrooms. And Alison Braun was in the pit. 

Bad Brains, Voivod, Slayer, Battalion of Saints, Black Flag, Discharge, Agnostic Front, GBH, The Accüsed the Misfits and many, many more...captured in their prime on b/w film by one of the most charming, unassuming and intelligent artists to emerge from the scene! 

This exhibit will be on display July 10 through August 28 by appointment. Flyer features Cal Morris of Discharge photographed by Alison Braun on December 9, 1983 at the Olympic Auditorum. Graphics by A.K. Wilson.

JULY 10, 2021