Sunday, July 18, 2021

IN THE PIT: Opening Reception!

Dennis Dread, Alison Braun and her husband Benjamin Malay who framed every piece in the show himself!
Wyrd War chief Dennis Dread, Alison Braun and her talented husband Benjamin Malay, who framed every print in the show himself.

Alison Braun doing her thing!

Spit Stix of FEAR made an appearance.

Punks not dead.

Alison explaining the fine are of film vs digital to a young fan. Many of the photos in our current exhibit were shot on 28mm, which means that Alison was often only two feet from her subject (no zoom). In the case of her portraits of Cal Morris of DISCHARGE and Glenn Danzig of the MISFITS, she was standing on stage right beside the band. 

It was great to see so many new faces at the gallery, and so many people who were at the concerts featured in Alison's photography circa 1981-1991.

Blaine Cook of THE ACCUSED kicked out the jams in our parking lot with his lovely wife Rahel. 

Our sponsor BLOODxSWEATxTEARS kept everyone appropriately spirited.

Thank you to everyone who came out for the opening reception of IN THE PIT: The Photography of Alison Braun (1981-1991)! It was our most successful evening yet, and a perfect way to celebrate our second year as a brick and mortar space. The exhibit is on display through August 28, so feel free to email to schedule a visit. The books have flown off the shelves (twice!) already, but we will have more soon. Punks not dead.