Sunday, August 26, 2018


Jim's Demon.

Rosenkranz hustling books before his amazing master level slideshow lecture on horror themes in underground comix, and me probably attempting to describe Hazel Court's cleavage (just kidding...I'm signing books...and wishing my pal Tim Goodyear a very Happy Birthday!).

Dread and Rosenkranz ride again!

Thank you to EVERYONE who came out to our Jim Osborne book release celebration and secret satanic matinee at the Hollywood Theatre yesterday! It was moving to see Jim's name up in lights on the beautiful marquee, something he would've never dreamed possible before his untimely death in 2001, and it was amazing to see so many knowledgable underground art freaks in attendance for Patrick Rosenkranz's hour long slideshow retrospective on the Black Prince's life and work. Books are now sold out through Rozenkranz and myself, but are still available through Fantagraphics here. Thanks to the entire team at the Hollywood Theatre for being awesome as usual! Until the next time we trod "through the cruel light into the velvet darkness" of weird wyrd art...LONG LIVE JIM OSBORNE!