Wednesday, May 14, 2014

R.I.P. Patrick Woodroffe

To be perfectly honest, writing eulogies for artists and friends I've adored is getting downright exhausting at this point. Not to mention depressing. So instead of mourning the loss of Patrick Woodroffe this week - the artist who gave us Judas Priest's Sad Wings of Destiny and Budgie's Bandolier to name only his most well known album covers - allow me to suggest you find a copy of his 1976 book 'Mythopoeikon' and curl up while enjoying this short set of music I assembled back in 2010 for a UK website that asked me to blab about 10 songs suitable for long sits at the drawing table. If you strictly limit yourself to music of a particular genre, you will inevitably be disappointed by the songs I've selected (and what a sad little life you must truly live). However, if you're receptive to great music that doesn't necessarily have pictures of goatmen fucking jesus on the cover, you just might enjoy the trip.

Patrick Woodroffe
(1940 - 2014)


freQazoidiac said...

Good on you to give a small retrospective of Patrick.
Although Bandoliere by Budgie was one of his WORST examples.. (probably
not fault to him, just to conceptualize Bird headed guys on
horses is a monumental task to pull off).. his best work was
found outside of Music album promotion IMO. Some of his personal
art is stunning with imagination.