Saturday, April 14, 2012


Mythological Metal Monsters is my latest cassette compilation in the Mississippi Records Tape Series. 60 terrifying minutes of hard rock and heavy metal songs about mythological monsters presented with very questionable sound quality and "informative" liner notes for the uninitiated listener. Gorgons! Ghosts! Unicorns! Hydras! Griffins! Needless to say, the best $3 you'll spend all summer. Available NOW only at Mississippi Records. "Release the Kraken!"

Mississippi Records
5202 N. Albina Ave.
Portland, Oregon
(503) 282.2990


The Horror Convention Shows Made in USA said...

Very, very awesome. Hey man, Fantacon is starting back up. It's where I gave you the ptl klub 7" I hope all is well man. John dtf

Dennis Dread said...

Hey Johnny! Great to hear from you man! Fantacon is also where you gave me a copy of your zine which exposed me to a whole new world of fast music! Send me your address and I'll make sure you get one of these tapes. Warning: the sound quality is very questionable...haha.