Saturday, July 09, 2011


Thanks to everyone who made this year's art exhibition such a success! Now that CUT & PASTED // BURNED & WASTED is officially closed, I will slither back into the dungeon and focus on my own artwork once again. If I owe you artwork, thanks for your patience. It's coming soon! In the meantime, the sun has finally returned to the Northwest and I'm feeling rather festive this morning's CONTEST TIME again! This one is pretty easy so pay attention, slobs. Do you remember the crossover days? Some cranky old fucks will tell you that crossover ruined punk and diluted metal. But for a very brief period during the late 80's, acronyms were suddenly all the rage and the melding of these previously segregated genres resulted in some of the most violent and undeniably enjoyable music of the decade. This old drawing of skinheads, punks and 'bangers all thrashing together sums things up pretty well. So here's your mission: the first person to correctly identify the artist who drew this outrageous display of mosh unity back in 1986 wins a very special prize. Just be the first person to post the correct answer and your mailing address as a comment and I will send you my original Impetigo long sleeve shirt with band logo running down one sleeve, Wild Rags logo running down the other sleeve and hot pink ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE title emblazoned across the back! You'll impress all the posers this summer when you strut down to the rock & roll BBQ in your very own "vintage" metal shirt! And you won't have to sheepishly admit that you paid top dollar for your credibility on e-bay. Don't say I never gave you anything...


Jason said...

Wow. My guess is Robert Smigel--he joined SNL for the 85-86 season and that drawing looks unmistakably like his wildly funny work from that show.

Jason Van Houtte
4929 SE 65th Ave
PDX, OR 97206

Thanks for your blog/work--I enjoy them immensely.

Reuben said...

It really looks like Stevo Doobins from Impetigo's work. If it's not, the similarity of the face on the GBH mosher is uncanny, he could just as easily be eating cannibal guts.

Reuben Storey
PO Box 835
Olympia, WA 98507


Ryan S. said...

Is it Jim Davis?