Thursday, July 14, 2011


The new issue of Roctober just arrived in my po box and it's a smoker! The theme for issue #49 is "livin' in the 80's" and editor Jacob Austen did a bang up job assembling deeply informative interviews with Glenn Danzig, The Zero Boys (from which this issue takes its subtitle), The Knots, TSOL, Captain Sky, Boyd Rice and a bunch of other cool shit you probably don't know much about. The Danzig article features some of my drawings and writing and, I have to admit, they look pretty sweet on newsprint! So get off Facebook and Twitter and support a REAL magazine that you can hold in your hands and read on the bus. You can even roll it up real tight and shove it into the trachea of the next dude you spot updating his profile status while a band is playing. Isn't that worth $4?