Friday, February 25, 2011

V is for VICTORY!

I received the following unsolicited message this week regarding my drawing for Dark Thrones and Black Flags:

The Darkthrone cover art that came in 2nd in the Jan 11, 2011 cover voting it is now entered into the monthly voting for January. The artist that receives the most votes in January will receive a $100.00 and be entered into the yearly voting. You can vote at
Martin Geramita
Reign In Art

I'm guessing he meant "February" since I just got the message two days ago. Anyway, I have no idea what this means or how to vote but $100 sounds pretty sweet. I look forward to drinking Budweiser in a pile of money with a smoking chimpanzee. A vote for DREAD is a vote for...VICTORY!


Raquel D. said...

Took me 2 days to discover that you can vote once you're registered (yes, I'm a slow person. And lazy too). So finally I got registered and...the poll for february has ended, lol. At least I cannot find the albums for this month. In fact, I don't understand the site. Neither its running nor its mission. Argh. I'm stressed.
Hope you can get the smoking chimpanzee anyway.

Unknown said...

I would like to apologize to everyone for the confusion. The monthly voting was set up to be voted on by only registered voters. We realized this wasnt working so we opened it up to all voters. Unfortunately this was probably fixed to late but if its any consolation the fans of the other artists had the same prob. At this time the site is set up to stop voting at midnight at the end of the month and post the albums that won the previous month so i couldnt keep January voting up. The site has only been up about a month and a half and there are still some kinks were working out so please be patient. Thanks for the support, Reign In Art